On the Right Track.

So this is what I wore to school today! Didn't get dresscoded for the shorts... Thankfully. I love this outfit both ways. With, and without the jacket. It was nice to finally be able to wear this jacket out of the house. The fall weather is finally stumbling upon us :) And I've never been happier about it!! It was about 56 degrees out this morning when I was going to my bus stop for school this morning. It's lovely that the weather is cooling down, and I can start wearing sweaters, and jackets again! I'm loving wearing my creepers out almost every day. They're such a staple in my wardrobe now. I don't know how I lived without them!

School has been pretty solid so far! Literally no complaints!! I've got my head in the right place as far as that. My math is going well. I had a test today, and I don't think I did bad! 

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