I went to Michael's house today~
I got picked up at about 3:00, and we went to his house. We pretty much had the house to ourselves, so we watched movies and cuddled the whole time pretty much. With momentary breaks I guess..... lol.
But today was different from any other day, it was so nice. So relaxed. We weren't all over each other the whole time, it was just nice to be there with him I guess. He ordered us a pizza, he made me a Hot Pocket and we watched Party Monster (kinda lol), CyberBu//y, part of Highlanders, and the beginning of Nightmare Before Christmas! He watched me pee... That's new. LOL.I couldn't do it at first, but eventually I did, it was probably because he like.. pulled his pants down and sat in the sink, and acted like he was peeing, but he just turned the water of the sink on low LOL Then he was like "HIGH POWER PISS!!!!!!!!!!", and turned the water all the way on, and it was just hilarious.
It was just a really amazing day. Not to mention today was our 3monthaversary!~**~*~~*~
Is it bad that this has been my longest relationship?

Hopefully many more months with him in the future. ♥

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  1. I found this post intresting to read
    Happy 3month Anniversary.:)

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    Claudia xx