But hey, I’m home from my second official day of work! I feel SO much better about work now. Nobody walked out on me today, and nobody complained. WHICH IS GREAT. I made $8 in tips the other day, and today I made $18 !! Which isn’t A LOT but it’ll get gas in my car, which is what I need at the moment! Or I might have to use it to pay for my license tomorrow.. UGHDS K;FJADS But yeah, today was a good day! These people that used to go to my school came in, and we talked a little bit about random stuff, and they actually left a $5 tip. Which was surprising because I would think most people around my age wouldn’t tip? Idk. Another young couple came in today and were really cool, they left me a $4 tip which was also nice! When I got into work, every single table was full, and only one waitress was working (poor Anna ♥). After she left, I was on my own for the rest of my shift, and not too many people came in. What a relief. 

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