Dust to Dust

Next photo I'm submitting for my portfolio in Photography class!
I've always loved the way that dust looks when you can see it in a beam of light  coming through the window. I was doing my makeup, and when I was tapping my brush off, and I saw the dust of my eyeshadow! My camera was right next to me so I absolutely had to snap some pictures! After SO many tries, I got two that looked really great and I layered them on top of one another, and after all lot of the Stamp Tool on Photoshop, this came to be! No, I wasn't using pink eyeshadow.. I was using black, but it didn't photograph well. Pink was the way to go. I also did the same with a blue eyeshadow and I thought I would put them together to get a mixture of the two colors, but it didn't look how I imagined, so I went against the idea. Otherwise, I love this photo so much!!!

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