I can't even explain how I feel about the last few days. The only word I can find to express my feelings is


Seriously, nothing has been going right. I've been stressed over little things, and it's fucking me up at work and I'm just all over the place. Today, REALLY sucked. I can't decide who to be upset with though. Myself? Parents? Anyone else? idk. So, I'm really not taking my frustrations out on anyone... Which is what I should ALWAYS do, but that isn't the case all the time. I just wish my parents would fucking trust me. Dad in particular. I'm not an idiot teenager, who goes out partying, sneaking out, doing drugs, has sex, gets shit faced, gets arrested, gets pregnant, gets an STD and anything else half the assholes I go to school with do... If I'm going out, I'm probably gunna be where I tell them I'm going to be. If I'm at Tiffany's house. We literally sit there and do nothing..... But it's not boring. I know there's the WELL SOMETHING COULD HAPPEN. Yeah. But, if you hold the WHAT IF thing over my head, and in your worries, you're never gunna want to do anything, and you're not going to let me actually live. I'm almost an "Adult", I wish you'd actually start treating me like I'm older than 13 or something. I like to think I'm a 17 year old girl, with an okay head on her shoulders.

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