Slowly getting more control of my car again?
Kind of I guess. Dad let me make another attempt at getting to target today on my own. Which happened safely. I picked up eyeliner, and blush. Finally a blush that isn't connected to a huge makeup kit.... ugh, but yeah. And I completely ran out of eyeliner, so I had to use Anna's today... Just glad I picked up some for myself. I'm gunna start buying gifts hopefully tomorrow. Hopefully I make enough off of tips and I'll be able to order Michael's plugs. Then I'll probably be broke, then I get paid on Saturday, so I'm gunna deposit that money, and find something nice for Tiffany online I guess? Along with a few other little things I think. I also still have to order Anna's thingies from eBay~ None of this shit is gunna be ready for Christmas, but they all know that haha

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