Ughhh jdkslfj
This weekend has been the most uneventful weekend of my lifeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

It's so frustrating having to stay home, and not being able to have company... NOT TO MENTION THERE'S NOT SHIT TO DO IN THIS GODDAMN HOUSE!!!?!?!

Random thought.
The other night, I had a dream that I punched Robert in the face because he was being a cunt.

I'm still feeling like shit. Hopefully I'll feel a little bit better by tomorrow, because I don't need to go to school feeling like shit. And staying home isn't really an option because my parents ALWAYS make me go to school even if I'm sick. Well.. Unless I have the flu or something. I'm pretty sure I just have a little cold because of the weather. The fuckery weather we've been having is so fucking terrible. 75 and 70 last weekend, and then 40 in the middle of this week. STAHP IT SKY STAHP.

 idk man.
Hopefully tomorrow my package gets here, I was really looking forward to getting my dress and body suit in the mail YESTERDAY but UPS doesn't deliver on the weekends ): GHEY

I also feel this terrible need to start altering clothes again. I'm feeling a little bit inspired lately and I haven't had much to do. Especially since I'm gunna be on lock down for awhile, might as well get some DIY done right? Not to mention I'm beginning to hate  everything in my closet.... WHICH SUCKS. Because I'm like I HAVE NOTHING TO FUCKING WEAR, meanwhile there's like 3 huge piles of clothes on my floor...... I'm just sick of wearing the same shit. I just need to go thrifting soon. But I also feel like I should be saving my money for a new pair of shoes... I've been dying for a pair of UNIF Hellbounds lately for some reason....  I can't even decide what color I would get them in if I ever did have the money for a pair. I couldn't choose between the neon pink and the black. Black would be easier to wear, but pink could be just as easy because I have a lot of black in my wardrobe..DSJFADJSKJS I don't even need to be thinking about that right now, mostly because I'm broke as fuq.

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