You're making this kind of hard for me.
Other times it's easy as breathing. But there are those instances where I'm like... ARE YOU KIDDING RIGHT NOW.
There's been two times like that, and both times I've felt 100% shitty. I don't get what even happened yesterday. I wasn't laughing at your feelings. I was laughing because I didn't think you were that dumb... C'mon. Anyone would have known I was joking. Either that shows 100% insecurity, or you need to rethink how you read some of the things I say.

Somehow, I end up getting over the bullshit really fast. I wouldn't consider yesterday a major issue, but you kind of just had me thinking "What the fuck are you doing right now..?" You keep telling me you trust me, but I feel like you're showing me that you don't or something. Which is backwards as fuck. But you should trust me because I'm not a cheating whore and there's literally not one other person that can hold my interest. (Other than a few select friends. But they're friends.. Obviously. They're also GIRLS. So.... Totez lezbo lol)

Don't make me regret giving second chances.. And don't take my kindness as weakness.

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