Gunna write about my day yesterday since there's really not much to say right now.

Yesterday I woke up early and Tiffany left shortly after we got out of bed. After she left, there really wasn't much to do, so I decided to make a shirt that I've been putting off for a really long time. I'll post pictures eventually. But after that, I also decided to cut a pair of tights up. I ended up wearing both, and the outfit looked like thissss

So I didn't just get dressed for nothing. Mom and I went out to run a few errands. Of course I was the one that ended up driving. First we went to the Home Depot so mom can get a flyer for their Christmas trees . Idk why, because we never get real trees lol. But then, after that, we went to Shoe Carnival so she could return a pair of shoes. She ended up getting another pair. Then we went to Target to get me black pants/capris for work. I found a really nice pair of black skinny jeans! I can probably wear them as jeans and capris. So they're not JUST work pants.ANYWAY. mom ended up getting a prelit tree at Target, along with some ornaments. We went to Kroger, and mom bought a turkey for Thanksgivin and a few other things.. After that we drove to BJ's for gas, then to pick up our dog who had to get her nails cut, and a rabies shot. POOR BABY. Then we just ended up going home. 

Just wanting to DIE, I got home and laid down. Then the rest of the day was spent on my laptop as usual~

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