Today has been SO LONG but I'm not complaining at all. 
I woke up at about 9AM. Came downstairs, sat down for awhile. Mom came downstairs almost at 10AM, then shortly after took Robert for a (MUCH NEEDED) haircut. So I was home alone. Well.. Kinda. Dad was asleep, so I might as well have been alone. So. I got on the laptop, and about an hour later mom gets home and starts telling me about how she went to the pawn shop and got an estimate for the gold she has and wants to sell. So I reminded her about the necklace that I have that's gold that I could probably sell and get money for. I didn't think I'd get MUCH for it, but I figured it was worth something since the price of gold is high right now. So, we went to the mall to see how much one of the jewelry stores there would take the gold for, but mom said the National Pawn would give us more. So, we went there, and I ended up  getting $111 for my necklace!! And the whole time on the way to the mall before I was trying to figure out how I could get my mom to negotiate a deal with me about going half and half on my Spiked Litas because they're on a great sale on  Karmaloop. And she wasn't really going for it. But since I ended up getting the $111 for the necklace, I basically paid for the shoes myself :)  SO YES. THE SHOES ARE MINE. I just have to wait for them to get here. Which shouldn't take too long since my platforms took 3 days to get here!! But GAH. I'm really excited for it! After so long of window shopping for them with Tiffany, we both OWN THEM now. Well.. Kinda haha 
So, after the pawn shop, we went to another one, sold more gold. Then to  Wal-Mart. Ya know.. Wal- Mart isn't my favorite place to go... SO many creepy people. I was wearing my platforms today, and this lady came up SO CLOSE TO ME and like.. whispered in my ear something along the lines of

"You've had a lot of practice walking in dem shoes huh?!" 
I'm like.. UH.
And before that, some guy was like STARING AT ME. He walked past me, and even after he was like.. 8ft in front of me he was looking back staring... So I pulled a Tiffany and waved and smiled like he was my best friend. LOL Then some other old people kept staring at me and smiling at my shoes. hahaha It's always nice when older people comment on my shoes saying that they had a pair of platforms when they were young :) It's cute aha

SO ANYWAY. I drove us home from Wal Mart. MEANWHILE

I'm on my period, and we had been out for a few hours, and it's still a HEAVY DAY, and I get left in the car so mom can go look at shoes in a store, dad can go buy cigarettes and Robert can go into GameStop.. AND I'M LIKE.. BLEEDING THROUGH MY TIGHTS. THIS IS NOT OKAY BECAUSE I WAS WEARING MY GALAXY TIGHTS....................................... I took them off in the car (I was wearing another pair under, don't worry aha) But everyone got back pretty fast, and we came home. When I got home, we ordered my shoes.

Shortly after, Michael came over :)
Whenever he's here, we don't really do much, because there's really nothing to do here, and we just hang out and enjoy each other's company.
and I don't wanna sound all gay and mushy gushy,
BUTTTTTTTTT. I really love spending time with him. There's never a dull moment, and he makes everything feel  okay. <3

We kind of just looked through things on the internet, joked around, and talked to Tiffany. He brought me Chocolate because since I'm on my period, I've been craving, and chocolate makes everything better.

But yeah, we stood outside for about an hour and just hugged a lot because it was kind of chilly out (LOVING THIS WEATHER OKAY). And after a lot of hugging and kisses, we finally came back inside, and had chocolate covered strawberries. He suggested that we melted the chocolate bar that he got me, and have strawberries with it, so we did. And it was great! I took some REALLY bad pictures of him too LOL He's so cute.

Over all, today was just perfect. From the selling the gold, buying my shoes, being with Michael, chocolate covered strawberries, and everything else. I'm satisfied. I need more weekends like this.

Maybe next weekend, I'll probably end up going to Tiffany's maybe? Hm. 

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