Pictures from this weekend~~*~**~ I can't explain half of these lololol

Tiffany's butt. mmmm~~

My hawt bod, Sean smiling, Michael's hands, and Tiffany's arms flailing around trying to photobomb. Lollll
Looking hungover aselllll LOL We were all just exhausted because we got like 3 hours of sleep. This was on the way to Bojangles.
My boy ♥ And me looking a mess aha I just love this picture hehe

" Bub, I need my bag..." - Me
"She likes to lay on new things..." - Tifany and Sean
"Fuq u itz mine" -Tiffany
Took like 12 pictures like this aha
Tiffany's sezzy face while she eats lawl
And my interesting weekend didn't end when I left Tiffany's house. No sir'ee
When I got home, I found this bottle of wine, and it was empty. I then proceeded to walk around the house with it yelling "woooooooooooooo" like the white girls do in the clubs. WHITE GIRL WASTED~~**~ WOOOO
I KNOW IT'S RUDE TO TAKE PICTURES OF PEOPLE IN PUBLIC, BUT. This mexicano couple couldn't fucking stay off of each other in Party City. They were literally like.. MAKING OUT in the middle of Party City... THERE ARE CHILDREN IN HERE. I told them to get a room lawl
This car trunk had an arm coming out of it? They also have a Romney Ryan sticker on their car. I probably hate them lol 
Another picture I took of some random person in Party City because she was ROCKIN DAT PURPLE WIG. GET IT GURLLL

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