Leather and Denim.

So I'm trying to adjust to wearing my hair straight again. I'm liking the color of my hair more and more by the day~*~**~

But yeah, my terrible terrible chest pain has gone away THANK BUDDHA. It pretty much lasted all day yesterday... Worse day of my lyyyyde. Lol (Only Tiffany will understand "lyde" but I think you'll understand that it means LIFE. Hahaha But yeah. I'm in Photography class right now, not doing anything since I haven't been able to take pictures since I can't find my SD card.. HOW DEPRESSING RIGHT?!!!??! Yeah, it sucks.
BUT. I did make a DeviantArt account yesterday! Mostly for my photography. Which I'm trying to improve I guess. I was inspired by a picture today, and now I realize I MUST get Maddie back to Garner so I can use her for a portrait. 
Blahblahblah mindless babble. 
~ I'll go back to doing nothing now. <3

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