Fair Day~**~**~~*~

Today at the fair with Tiffany, Sean and Michael was REALLY funnnnn**~**~~*
We only went for the really terrible but AMAZING food!! But I had a funnel cake right when we got there, Michael and I shared Fried Oreos (SO GOOD TOO UNF), then Sean had BLOOMIN' ONION and I had some of that too~ AND THEN. OH. MY GAWDDDDD. The Krispy Kream Doughnut BURGER UNNNNNNFFFFFFFF. SOOOOO GOOOOOOOD. And then we just continued getting all kinds of amazing but terrible foods~ 
But yeah, we saw some really ridiculous people haha
It was just a good time~ A lot of walking
We sat in traffic for like.. 2 hours JUST to get parking.. This lady tried to cut in front of us, but SHE HAD ANOTHER THING COMING LOL Sean's mom got JERSEY on her llolol We all basically ended up giving her the middle finger, and she was so stupid. LOL HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY~**~**~
But yeah, I'm at Tiffany's house right now, and we're all just sitting here hanging out ~
Good vibes~*

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