Overall, the weekend was really great. From start to end. Some rough patches in the middle, but hopefully things change and it ends up fixing itself. I'm talking in circles here.

I hate what's going on with my best friendddd. I know you're reading this, so I'll just blatantly say this. WHY IS HE BEING SUCH A PENIS?!?! I've legit wanted to be like UM HELLO STOP BEING A DOUCHE, AND GO BE WITH YOUR GIRLFRIEND. It was even pissing me off, mostly because I know how Tiffany is about what's going on, and I know that it makes her really upset, but it's really fucked up that nothing's changing about it.

Ever wanna scream in someone's face for the sake of someone else? But it's really none of your business so you pretty much stay clear of it, so you're not all up in their business. yeahhhhh. It sucks, but it's been tempting to just be like UMMMMM HELLO!!?!?!??!???!??!?!?!?!?

Boys' brains are made of mush.

I love you Tiffany. ♥

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