Here, have an extremely gross picture of me. I think somehow I still look "pretty" in this. Obviously because my eyebrows, and my eye makeup is still pretty well put together. I love doing nasty "zombie" makeup. It was kind of practice for a potential Halloween makeup idea that I have. I'm obviously not going to be a zombie, since EVERYONE and their mom does that for Halloween. But I think Tiffany and I have, officially unofficially stated that we're gunna be Blood Feast Club Kids. So.. I thought I would just practice making myself look gross. I'll be the "zombie" of the two of us, and Tiffany is going to be the one of us with the bleeding head, almost like I ate her head. :3 But yeah, I think this turned out okay for such an on the spot idea. I sparked inspiration from a Michelle Phan video, but I didn't go purely off of that. And for toilet paper prosthetics, I thought it looked pretty dapper. (Lol dapper zombie makeup. Would that be an oxymoron or a paradox? idk wtvr lawl).

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