A few days old. This was on Saturday! The day my shoes came in the mail! Yes, they finally came in! But these aren't the ones that I ordered. I sent the seller a message about the wrong shoes they sent me, and they're sending me another pair of shoes as a gift for the confusion. They said they're sending me the right ones this time. It came with a tracking number. I tracked it today, and it's about to be shipped to the US! I'm not being too impatient this time. Hahaha. I also haven't gotten any of my leggings in the mail yet. Which is pretty sad aha But not unexpected I guess. I don't expect those to start getting here 'til next week, and the week after! But that's totally fine. I'm just really excited for all of them to get here. I'm waiting for 8 packages in the mail... 8. I've gone a bit eBay crazy... Hahaha I'm gunna take better pictures of my shoes hopefully tomorrow. I was going to today, but my camera died and I didn't feel like charging it.... lazy life. ~* xx 

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