This is a blog. I'm not very interesting, but I do like to blog. I guess this blog is for spilling out thoughts and interests. Different from my Tumblr because that's really just for reblogging things I think are interesting. Here I'll be blogging more like what an ACTUAL blog is usually like. (THAT MADE NO SENSE But I think it gets a point across aha I'm going to try to keep this updated, just as much as I update my Tumblr, which means everyday. Here I'll be posting Outfit of the Day photos. I already have some from on my Tumblr! If you want to see them, click THIS. I'll be posting a bunch of nonsense babbling here as well! Nothing too interesting, but I since I don't talk too much on my Tumblr, this is really what THIS blog is for. Kind of a more personal blog, I guess. 

But I guess since this is kind of an INTRO. I should do an INTRO post, right?

I'm Melanie and I'm 17 years old. I'll be a Senior in High School in less than a month. I like unicorns, Hawaiian Shirts, shoes I can't afford, and altering/making clothes. I was born in New Jersey, but I currently live in North Carolina. I have a pet hamster, and 3 dogs. My favorite movie is Fight Club. I take way too many pictures of myself. 

Here's what I look like~

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