Mom has the week off this week! She said she'll take me to the Thrift store to take me shopping for school, and to get me my Off Campus Lunch Pass for school!! I really hope I can find some good things when we go thrifting this week! I'll just make a general list of things I wanna look out for!

  • Black with white print T Shirts
  • White with black print T Shirts
  • Denim jackets (Large mens ones)
  • Crew-Neck Sweaters
  • Leggings?
  • Chunky Heel Boots
  • Hi Waisted Pants or shorts
  • Leather Jackets?
  • Sheer Blouses
  • Printed Jackets?
  • Vintage band Tees
  • Army Jacket?
  • Backpack?
  • Anything Acid washed
  • Anything Tie Dye
I don't HAVE to get everything on here. But it's just stuff to look out for ~

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