It was a good Thrifting day!!! I ended up going today, because a friend texted me, and asked if I wanted to go, and I couldn't turn down the offer of course! I'm SO happy with everything I picked up today!! I'm MOST excited about the Army jacket I found at the thrift store today! Ugh such a great find! And I was considering buying one off of Ebay! I found this one for $1.99!! It was in the little boy's section, and it fits PERFECTLY. SO IN LOVE. I also found the skirt that's in the first photo! I'll take actual pictures wearing these pieces, tomorrow hopefully! But when I found the skirt, it was really like.. square? But I knew I could alter it so it would be a bit more fitted at the bottom (kind of like a bubble dress)! So, that's what I did! I made it a little tighter around the waist too. I feel like it gives it a nice shape! I'm not sure if I'm going to be doing some DIY to the jacket or not. Same with the tie dye shirt, and the sweatshirt! SPEAKING OF. This sweatshirt is in such great shape. Seriously, I always see those kinds of sweatshirts at thrift stores, and I'm like WHY DO PEOPLE GET RID OF THESE, THEY'RE SO GREAT. So comfy and warm.  I have another one JUST LIKE this one I found today! The one I already have is light blue, and the same brand as the one I found today (Hanes Her Way) and I found both of them at thrift stores! But I guess it's a good thing people donate them, because I can find them and have them for myself :3 ♥ The Maxwell's shirt that I bought today, I bought it not knowing what exactly Maxwell's is. But the friend I was with today, could tell it was a bar because of the bottle on the "crossbones"! So, I did my research, and it's a bar restaurant! There's one in the city I was born, and went to school growing up! So I thought that was pretty nice! (: I bought this shirt because I loved the look of it, and LIKE ON MY LIST I MADE HERE THE OTHER DAY. I had black with shirt shirts, Army jacket, tie dye, and sweaters! (: Which is why today was such a good find day!

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