wut r pantz

Today was a successful EBAY shopping day!! My mom ordered me all of these leggings for school! I'm so excited for them all to get here. Even with my terrible impatience.. So, this means, I'm waiting for 8 packages in the mail.. All of these, my creepers, and my batteries for my Tamagotchi~* Apparently, my creepers left New Hampshire today! Not totally sure where they're going next, but I really hope they're getting here sometime next week, since this week is pretty much over. So yeah, mom told me my budget for school clothes shopping was $100. Most people would get almost nothing with that.. But since I got my leggings online, and I'm going thrifting soon, it's more than enough! And since I bought my shoes with my own money, the $100 can get me even more clothes~ So yeah, I ordered all of these today, and I'm hopefully going thrifting on Tuesday with a friend again! Looking for mostly shirts, and blouses. Maybe some hoodies and sweaters! But I've got a little over $50 for thrift shopping, and anything else I may need. I need a new foundation, powder, and blush... But depending on how much I get thrifting, will decide on my makeup shopping. But I'm really happy with how this is going so far!! (:

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