Something New.

Ugh, I have this terrible problem where I get tired of my hair so fast. Lately, all I've been doing to my hair is letting it be natural and putting it up in a messy bun. I've been doing this for like... a month and a half but it feels like I've been doing this for months. I've basically been wearing my hair in a bun since I cut a few inches off about 5 weeks ago. So, I'm trying to think of something different that I can to to my hair without using too much heat on it. I'm trying not to use too much heat on my hair because it's Summer time and I decided I need to let my hair breathe a bit and get a break from the straighteners and curling irons. I've been thinking about buying some extensions lately. But I don't know how I feel about that. And I definitely don't have the money to be spending right now haha I spent my last pay on shoes for school soooo. Idk. I might use my curler tonight to try something new to my hair. Because I also have to figure out how I'm gunna be wearing my hair to school too. Seeing as how school starts in about 25 days and my hair isn't gunna grow at lightning speed (sadly). But idk. I would love to have my hair back to  how I used to wear it to school almost every day (I waved it once a week). But my hair is too short to do that to, now. So it looks all crazy. I might try curls. But I don't want to look like Shirley Temple though..
My hair is so ridiculous right now. Ugh I can't even make sense of it. I just want it to grow. That. is. all.

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