Red Hur Don't Cur

Hopefully taking a trip to Sally's Beauty Supply for this hair dye! It's a dye to get your hair from dark to RED. I'm SO exciteddd! I've wanted to dye my hair red for the LONGEST time. I've had so much time to think about it, and I think I'm ready to do it! It's taken a long time to get my mom to agree to let me do it. But since this dye doesn't require pre-lightened or pre-bleached hair. Which was my main concern, and my mom's main concern. I'm not too worried about my hair frying, or falling out. Mostly because my hair is in fairly good condition because I haven't done much to it since I cut off a few inches! But I think red hair would look pretty good on me! If I'm not happy with it, I'll probably just end up dying it back black or dark brown. I'm hoping it'll turn out bright red, or at least like Ariana Grande! I've ALWAYS loved her hair! But I'm just SUPER excited about it all together! So hopefully this happens tomorrow! I'm hoping to at least BUY it tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be patient enough to wait 'til next weekend to actually dye it. Just in case anything goes wrong, I don't have to start my Senior year with like.. grotesque hair. Hehe

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  1. Ariana Grande hair is so lovely! im sure you'll be able to pull this off great!
    Im so boring, i just stick to the usual brown. x