The mailman must love me.

Another pair of leggings came in the mail today! Thursday was my Yin Yang Leggings. Yesterday was my galaxy leggings. Today was a pair of normal sheer black tights. I plan on wearing these to the birthday party I'm going to today. Probably with my creepers. I don't plan on wearing my Yin Yang ones out before school starts. Or posting pictures of them anywhere outside of here. Mostly because I don't want to like.. SHOW EVERYONE them before school starts, so then they're not special anymore.. But I'm really excited for the rest of them to get here. But since mail doesn't go out on Sundays, I'll probably end up getting them throughout the week next week! I'm so excited for my outfit for Monday :D The one I posted yesterday. Hehe ♥ It's perfect to me. I wish I had a special necklace or ring for that outfit. But I guess it'll just be my normal unicorn necklace. 

I really can't even fathom that I start my Senior year of high school in 2 days.... That is SO bizarre to me. I have an okay schedule over all. I think on the first day I just need to find someone who will walk around with me for the first day just so I'm not a COMPLETE loner. And I want to show off my outfit*~* hehehe But finding someone to hang out with is gunna be hard because of my lack of friends in school. I'LL FIGURE IT OUT.

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