Ugh, I literally feel like I got NO sleep last night.. I went to bed at about 7:75AM and woke up at 12:40PM. I feel DEAD. Not to mention I feel sick -__- I don't even think I'm gunna leave my bed for the rest of the day. Can't deal with congestion....Glad my mirror is nowhere near my bed, I must look like hell ahaha 

UGH. So, I'm waiting for two packages to come in the mail. (Okay... 3. I'll explain in a minute..) I'm waiting for my batteries for my Tamagotchi to come in, and my sister ordered me two, but separately so.. They're coming in two different packages. The third package I'm waiting for, is my CREEPERS :3  I'm so excited for them to get here ~ I ended up ordering the all black ones, and I'm just fine with that! Even though they're like.. knock offs, I DON'T EVEN CARE MAN. I just hope they don't fall apart like some people have said they do. I would be SO pissed. But yeah, they were shipped out yesterday at like.. 10 something UK time. My order didn't come with a tracking number SADLY... So I can only assume I'll either get them Saturday or Monday. I'll just have to wait. But I hope my batteries come in soon... I WANT MY TAMAGOTCHI OMG. 

I feel like I should start posting more photos on this blog. Mostly because it's looking a little bland right now. I would take some pictures of some stuff today, but I'm feeling awful..

This morning my mom text me asking me if I could look up water parks in state that we could go to. Honestly, I'm not too crazy about Water Parks... That means spending a bunch of money for water. Honestly, I'd rather just go to the beach or something. But mom doesn't like the beach so... Idk man. I definitely wouldn't wanna go to the water park alone (Just me and my parents..) I want to ask if I could bring a friend or Christian. Water parks are no fun unless you're with a lot of people. But seeing as how it'll pretty much just be my parents and I, that doesn't seem like much fun at all........

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