New Beginnings

This is what I plan on wearing the first day of school! Which is Monday. I just got these leggings in the mail today, and I'm SO excited about them. Ugh. I love them SO much. I'm pretty sure I'll be purchasing a few more in different patterns ♥ I've also not been able to take these shoes off of  my feet! I know I haven't posted about them since I got them until now. BUT YES they finally came in! ♥ I love them so much! They're not too overwhelming to walk in. Unless I'm walking on uneven pavement. THAT is the worst omg. It'll just take a bit of getting used to I guess! But I've had them for 3 days now, and I'm not disappointed at all! The shirt of course, I made myself! I'm wearing my pink bow (which you can't see in this picture but it's there!) and my pink heart shaped Sunglasses. I'll take better pictures of this outfit on Monday when I actually WEAR IT OUT. Hehehe I'm so excited for it ♥

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  1. Those leggings are amazing :) xo